USSCA Women’s Program launching

Iron Mountain Tactical Training will be launching the new USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center starting on Wed Dec 12 at 6pm. This class has already SOLD OUT!! And so has the February class!  We will be presenting it in 3 separate levels. Level 1 covers gun safety and the fundamentals of shooting.  All in the classroom and with practical exercises with training guns.   Level 1 will toggle from a Wed to a Sat from month-to-month. Wed nights from 6-8pm and Sat from 930-1130am.  Register Today!!! They are going like hot-cakes!  Contact Norpoint to register and go to their events page to see upcoming classes.

Level 2 – Women’s Intermediate will cover:

  • revolvers vs semi-automatics
  • bullets and ballistics
  • cycle of operation
  • common malfunctions
  • holsters FOR WOMEN and concealed carry
  • establishing personal boundaries
  • shooting fundamentals review
  • Time on the range

Level 3 – Women’s Defensive Pistol

  • mindset
  • avoid, escape, defend
  • use of force
  • cover vs concealment
  • voice commands
  • marksmanship vs defensive shooting
  • drawing from the holster
  • loading and reloading
  • practice with purpose
  • Time on the range



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