On-Demand Webinar

Selecting a Defensive Firearm and Women & Holsters.

I’ll be toggling between the two webinars. SADF is going to be available in the months of: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Nov while the other will be available on the other months.

It’s learn before you buy. Some say go rent a bunch of guns and see what you feel good with but without knowing what you should be feeling or looking for is going to lead to waisted money on a gun that you probably won’t use. So yes, try a bunch of guns BUT get educated on the specific parameters and criteria you need to look for that will work for you.

Under 1hr -$20 for SADF / $15 for W&H

Register today! Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the webinar.

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USCCA Virtual Mini-Classes

I’m starting to offer online mini-classes dealing with topics from the conceal carry and home defense fundamentals from USCCA. There are a total of 7 mini-classes all about 1 hr long for $18. The first one is on Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan which is offered on Saturday, February 21th, 2021 at 1pm PST and again on April 24th, 2021 at 1pm PST.

Register today!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan

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USCCA Classes coming in 2021!

Just after I published today’s earlier post, I managed to get my USCCA Instructor credentials activated thanks in large to Training Counselor Jason Hager. That means that in 2021 I’ll be offering USCCA classes and for sure the Women’s Defensive Program. I will also be able to offer MINI-COURSES that range from 55 minutes to 2.5hrs. Stay tuned for more details.

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What’s New?

It’s been a year since my last post. Time flies. Since that time we’ve made progress on our homestead and now live in a comfortable 600 sqft apartment instead of the travel trailer. Much better living for sure.

2019/2020 I volunteered my time as a Range Safety Officer at #sandpoint’s outdoor range and co-instructed and lead the Women On Target classes at the Leo Hadley Range hosted by the Bonner County Sportsmen’s Association. I have just resigned my volunteer duties this month so that in 2021 I can focus on building a house, getting re-credentialed with #USSCA, offering on-demand online webinars and taking on private and semi-private students.

I’ll be offering online on-demand webinars. 1) Women & Holsters 2) How to select a Handgun (men & women) and 3) Handgun Cleaning.

I’m continuing my education with Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course , Praxis 6-In-1 Protocol, 21 Day Dry-Fire Challenge, and I’m a American Warrior member . I also took an online event called #womensselfdefensesummit hosted by #KinkoHamilton (no relation) of http://www.goddesssway.com The majority of the expert martial arts panel suggested that martial arts wouldn’t serve you well in a violent encounter. You need to learn how to set boundaries, how to verbalize boundaries and then take action by either avoiding, retreating, escaping or acting extremely violent against the attacker. Martial arts classes are to static and choreographed to mimic a violent encounter. #Melissasloat had a relay good segment. #PatrickVuong of #TigaTactics basically said that if you at in a physical altercation/combat with a violent attacked that you did something wrong a long time ago. Suggesting that the person lacked #situationalawarenss, had a plan or had any levels of deterrent tools on them.

My take is that you need to develop Situational Awareness and listen to your intuition. Have the mindset that you will not be a victim, that you won’t quit, you will not give up and that you will over-come challenges to survive. Follow the John Farnam Rule of Stupid “Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places.” check out #prettyloaded free videos on their website or youtube or purchase the online course for yourself.

Start booking your private or semi-private lessons today for #2021.

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Affiliated link for individuals – Pretty Loaded online learning

Affiliated link for corporations – Pretty Loaded Corporate learning

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New update on Sandpoint Idaho

We are busy “homesteading” and building. Every day we are busy working on our 50×70 shop with living quarters/apartment. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to build a business.  I’ve joined the Bonner County Sportsmen’s Association and I now volunteer as a Range Safety Officer and co-coach at their NRA approved classes in both beginner pistol and rifle classes.

I dissolved my WA business, so Kaluhber LLC is dead. I formed Kaleber LLC in Idaho and maybe next year I’ll be able to really look for a range host where I can teach USCCA Concealed Carry, Home Defense, and their Women’s Defensive course. Defensive skills are my expertise and I really want to get back to that. We will also, hopefully, start competing in IDPA in Post Falls, ID next year.

In the meantime, I do offer private lessons here and there; public speaking on personal safety, work safety, church safety and more. I was also asked to help co-teach the upcoming Refuse To Be A Victim class next Sat Nov 16th.

I sure look forward to making more money so that I can go off and take courses myself.

Should I teach Enhanced Conceal Carry classes in Bonner County?


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Should I teach Enhanced Conceal Carry classes in Bonner County?

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Update from Sandpoint, Idaho


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We’ve been busy and my dry-fire practice is non-existent.  I did make a rule that on my day off that I would do my #IDPAMastery #AmericanWarriorSociety dry-fire practice and I’m sure that I’ll have time during some of the days to squeeze some in as well. I’ve started reaching out to the local #BonnersCountySportmensAssociation and became a member. I’ve met with the City’s RangeMaster to introduce myself and to offer my services to volunteer at any events they may have. Right now the #BCSA focus more on rifle, hunting, bullseye, and #womenontarget. I wonder if they would be interested in the NRA Basic Pistol and PPITH/PPOTH.

I haven’t pursued #WrencoArms yet. I need to settle in and figure out what my future of teaching in Washington is. My current plan is to fill classes in WA and travel there once a month. So far I’ve had to cancel a few classes due to poor registration. I’m also booking speaking engagements on #personalsafety while in WA.

Building our private gun range is way, way, way at the bottom of the projects but eventually, we will have an action shooting bay once again.


If you live in the #Sandpoint area, would you be interested in:

  • USCCA Women’s Program from Gun Safety to Self-Defense
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • USCCA Home Defense
  • USCCA Concealed Carry
  • Online classes 1) Tips To Buying/Renting A Handgun  2)Tips for Concealed Carry for Women

If you are interested, use the form below to contact me.

If you are interested in learning what we are up to, visit and subscribe to our blog at:

Off Grid North Idaho 


Help me, Help you……interested in learning personal protection from a great reliable resource? Click on my link to access Pretty Loaded’s courses and videos.


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Moving to Sandpoint, Idaho!

It’s been an interesting few months. After 15+ years of talking about and visiting #Sandpoint  #Idaho we’ve made the commitment!  We’ve been keeping our eye out for acreage in the Sandpoint area and finally found a piece that met a lot of our criteria. We placed an offer on it during the Christmas holiday and it was accepted.  So the plan is that I’ll be continuing to offer the USCCA Women’s program at #Norpoint Shooting Center every month. That means I’ll be traveling from Idaho to Washington – ONLY if the classes are full. Level 1 is 30 students and Level 2 & 3 is limited to just 12 students. I’ll be taking on private clients during opens time while I’m in WA.

I will be reaching out to #WrencoArms in Sandpoint. See if they would be interested in a female instructor. There is also a NRA presence so I hope to continue teaching Basic, Rifle, PPITH and PPOTH.


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Update on USCCA Women’s Program

This past December I launched the USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center and it has been highly successful. There are a few things that have come up that have to be made clear. This is an adult class -18 yrs and older.

We will provide what you need for Level 1. For Level 2, you can bring your own firearm and gear if you have it. If you don’t have a firearm yet, we have a few training guns that we can lend out. For Level 3, we expect you to have your own gun and gear.

I offer an online class for anyone on Shopping Tips for Buying or Renting a Gun. It’s an hour long with a bunch of great information you need to learn how to fit a gun to your hand and what Action Type would work best for you. I offer online classes once a month.

Level 1 is open to 30 students while Level 2 & Level 3 are exclusive and only open to 12 students.

Experience Level for Level 2:

No formal experience to intermediate skill levels are welcome! The class is designed for mature students ages 18 and up. Women who are pregnant or nursing may not participate in live-fire training, due to risks from potential lead exposure and loud noise. If you have any particular physical or psychological condition that causes you to be acutely sensitive to firearms, or if you have difficulty in group learning environments, please email us in advance to determine your suitability for the class. General curiosity, unfamiliarity, or nervousness around firearms is perfectly natural and this class is well suited for those people. Unfortunately, some people may have conditions that are unique, such as PTSD, learning disabilities, or physical limitations that make handling firearms in a group setting inappropriate, and we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

This is an adult level course. Students must be 18 years of age or older, free of criminal background, and legally able to own or be in possession of handguns. Students must sign a statement confirming that they can legally possess guns before participating in the class. The student must complete the 3 hour classroom session before going to the range for the live-fire training.


Experience Level for Level 3: 

NOTE: This is not a beginner’s class. This class assumes that you have committed the Universal Rules of Firearms Safety to memory, and are able to safely function with your firearm in a group setting. Many people have had many years of informal experience with firearms that may be adequate for their daily interactions with firearms, but unless you have had formal training, it is likely that such a person may inadvertently do something unsafe in a group instructional setting, and thus we do not recommend this class unless you have had formal training, preferably, the USCCA Women’s Only Level 1 and 2 courses.

Students should have taken the USCCA Level 2 class and be proficient with basic handgun skill sets. Students should be familiar and comfortable with their firearm, including how it functions, safe administrative handling, muzzle discipline, and how to operate all the controls as well as how to clear malfunctions.


Safety is paramount.  Practice what you learn in your classes and you may wish to get a private lesson or more to help you with your confidence and competence.

Classes will be offered once a month. I will be traveling from Idaho to teach, which means that the classes have to be full to make the class a go before I travel back to Norpoint.


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Iron Mountain Google Calendar

I’ve just created a public calendar so you can see upcoming group classes, online classes and availability for private/semi-private lessons. I’ll be adding to it as the weeks and months approach.  If you are interested in hosting our Couples Defensive Tactics Class, contact us.

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