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It’s been a year since my last post. Time flies. Since that time we’ve made progress on our homestead and now live in a comfortable 600 sqft apartment instead of the travel trailer. Much better living for sure.

2019/2020 I volunteered my time as a Range Safety Officer at #sandpoint’s outdoor range and co-instructed and lead the Women On Target classes at the Leo Hadley Range hosted by the Bonner County Sportsmen’s Association. I have just resigned my volunteer duties this month so that in 2021 I can focus on building a house, getting re-credentialed with #USSCA, offering on-demand online webinars and taking on private and semi-private students.

I’ll be offering online on-demand webinars. 1) Women & Holsters 2) How to select a Handgun (men & women) and 3) Handgun Cleaning.

I’m continuing my education with Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course , Praxis 6-In-1 Protocol, 21 Day Dry-Fire Challenge, and I’m a American Warrior member . I also took an online event called #womensselfdefensesummit hosted by #KinkoHamilton (no relation) of http://www.goddesssway.com The majority of the expert martial arts panel suggested that martial arts wouldn’t serve you well in a violent encounter. You need to learn how to set boundaries, how to verbalize boundaries and then take action by either avoiding, retreating, escaping or acting extremely violent against the attacker. Martial arts classes are to static and choreographed to mimic a violent encounter. #Melissasloat had a relay good segment. #PatrickVuong of #TigaTactics basically said that if you at in a physical altercation/combat with a violent attacked that you did something wrong a long time ago. Suggesting that the person lacked #situationalawarenss, had a plan or had any levels of deterrent tools on them.

My take is that you need to develop Situational Awareness and listen to your intuition. Have the mindset that you will not be a victim, that you won’t quit, you will not give up and that you will over-come challenges to survive. Follow the John Farnam Rule of Stupid “Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places.” check out #prettyloaded free videos on their website or youtube or purchase the online course for yourself.

Start booking your private or semi-private lessons today for #2021.

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Affiliated link for individuals – Pretty Loaded online learning

Affiliated link for corporations – Pretty Loaded Corporate learning


Affiliate with Pretty Loaded, American Warrior Society member coin #1669 Rangemaster Certified Instructor, TWAW Certified Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim, NRA Personal Protection in The Home, NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home, NRA RSO

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