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On-Demand Webinar

Selecting a Defensive Firearm and Women & Holsters. I’ll be toggling between the two webinars. SADF is going to be available in the months of: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Nov while the other will be available on the other months.

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USCCA Virtual Mini-Classes

I’m starting to offer online mini-classes dealing with topics from the conceal carry and home defense fundamentals from USCCA. There are a total of 7 mini-classes all about 1 hr long for $18. The first one is on Developing a

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USCCA Classes coming in 2021!

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What’s New?

It’s been a year since my last post. Time flies. Since that time we’ve made progress on our homestead and now live in a comfortable 600 sqft apartment instead of the travel trailer. Much better living for sure. 2019/2020 I

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Should I teach Enhanced Conceal Carry classes in Bonner County?

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Update from Sandpoint, Idaho

  We’ve been busy and my dry-fire practice is non-existent.  I did make a rule that on my day off that I would do my #IDPAMastery #AmericanWarriorSociety dry-fire practice and I’m sure that I’ll have time during some of the

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Moving to Sandpoint, Idaho!

It’s been an interesting few months. After 15+ years of talking about and visiting #Sandpoint  #Idaho we’ve made the commitment!  We’ve been keeping our eye out for acreage in the Sandpoint area and finally found a piece that met a

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Update on USCCA Women’s Program

This past December I launched the USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center and it has been highly successful. There are a few things that have come up that have to be made clear. This is an adult class -18 yrs and

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Online Classes

I’ve just launched ONLINE Classes! What Women Need To Know About Concealed Carry Shopping Tips to Buying a Gun I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon. Check my Google Iron Mountain Tactical Training Calendar for the next online classes. You

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USSCA Women’s Program launching

Iron Mountain Tactical Training will be launching the new USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center starting on Wed Dec 12 at 6pm. This class has already SOLD OUT!! And so has the February class!  We will be presenting it in

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