Online Classes

I’ve just launched ONLINE Classes!

  1. What Women Need To Know About Concealed Carry
  2. Shopping Tips to Buying a Gun

I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon.

Check my Google Iron Mountain Tactical Training Calendar for the next online classes.

You can also try this link if the one above doesn’t work.



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You only get better if….. you dry-fire

It’s cold outside and it can be cold at the range. This winter I’m spending time doing dry-fire practice. I’m using Mike Seeklander’s IDPA Mastery course. I’m picking one skill set a week and doing at least 3 sessions a week with a minimum of 10 minutes a day to 30 minutes.

My husband made me a target stand. I use the small size from C & M Target Systems.

I’m focusing on:

  • how quickly my hands can move to my gun while moving clothing (holster from concealment)
  • how quickly I can punch out, acquire my sights and break my shot
  • assess if the gun stays stills during trigger press


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When I have a goal… I follow through

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50lbs gone since June 11, 2018.

I joined Code Red 10lb Take Down Challenge on June 11 and continued with a custom program and with a coach. I’ve learned a lot about food, how your body uses food and how to eat. There’s a January 1st 10lb Take Down Challenge. Use my affiliate link to register   Cristy ‘CodeRed’ system is similar to a Keto way of eating but so much more. Contact me, ask me questions.

cr 10

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USSCA Women’s Program launching

Iron Mountain Tactical Training will be launching the new USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center starting on Wed Dec 12 at 6pm. This class has already SOLD OUT!! And so has the February class!  We will be presenting it in 3 separate levels. Level 1 covers gun safety and the fundamentals of shooting.  All in the classroom and with practical exercises with training guns.   Level 1 will toggle from a Wed to a Sat from month-to-month. Wed nights from 6-8pm and Sat from 930-1130am.  Register Today!!! They are going like hot-cakes!  Contact Norpoint to register and go to their events page to see upcoming classes.

Level 2 – Women’s Intermediate will cover:

  • revolvers vs semi-automatics
  • bullets and ballistics
  • cycle of operation
  • common malfunctions
  • holsters FOR WOMEN and concealed carry
  • establishing personal boundaries
  • shooting fundamentals review
  • Time on the range

Level 3 – Women’s Defensive Pistol

  • mindset
  • avoid, escape, defend
  • use of force
  • cover vs concealment
  • voice commands
  • marksmanship vs defensive shooting
  • drawing from the holster
  • loading and reloading
  • practice with purpose
  • Time on the range


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USCCA Home Defense Class


October 10, 2018  530pm-830pm at Cabela’s in Marysville, WA

You have the option of registering for just the classroom portion or for the full course (includes range time). You must have taken a Basic Handgun class and be able to show mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling and shooting a group.

Min 6 / Max 12

Click here for more info and to register

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My weight struggle…..

I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life. I’ve done many different diet programs – reached goal and then gained it all back due to lack of education on how to maintain, emotional eating and simply being complacent.  My clothes were getting tight and uncomfortable and I was getting to the point of not wanting to go out and be seen. I couldn’t believe I let myself go …..again… that left picture I was in denial until I saw it. In between my weight gains… I would be going to the gym and work out each day. I joined BodyRock and did HIIT with a weighted vest. I did a Spartan Sprint in 2016. I actually, enjoy working out. Some of my body parts are affecting my workouts though, Achilles tendonitis and most recently, herniated disk. So working out has been non-existent for a while now.

June 2018….was rough. On May 23, our girl Isabella had a huge seizure and wasn’t right afterward. bella - CopyOn June 4 her cancer took hold and June 5 went sent her off to be at peace.

The following day, I found an ad on Facebook for something about weight loss called Code Red Lifestyle. I joined the June 11th – 10lb Take Down Challenge. In a month, I had lost 10lbs! Since then, I joined up for a custom program and working on getting to my goal weight for mid-October. Since June 11th, I’ve lost a total of 25lbs.

They offer lost of support, accountability and tons of education.

Want to learn a little more about Code Red? Check out Cristy Code Red’s Youtube Channel – Cristy Code Red

The next 10lb Take Down Challenge is in 17 days…. Sept 10th. It’s worth it if you want to take your health back. I’d be glad to answer any questions. Here’s a link to register: Sept 10lb Take Down Challenge

You eat real food, drink water and get 8hrs of sleep.  No processed foods or sugar. It might be a leap of faith and you might go into detox but it’s all worth it.

#cristycodered #10lbtakedown #takeyourlifeback

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Fire and Ice – April 2018

Another BRRRRRRR – the coldest class I’ve attended so far.

Mike Seeklander and Phil Strader

I’m just catching up on posting some things I’ve done this year. I’m a bit behind in my blogs.

Freezing plus the threat of a tornado. The last day the sun came out.  I was at the bottom of the class as far as skills and IDPA classification but it’s all good. Still learnt a bunch.  The last photo was an eye-opener for me. Check my next post.

#mikeseeklander  #philstrader #fireandice

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Tac-Con 2018 Little Rock, AR

March 2018


I’m a little behind in my blogging.  In March, we went to Tac-Con’s 20th Anniversary in Little Rock, AR. It was a bit chilly. BRRRRR…  Took a lot of great classes. My husband and I were able to split up to get the max coverage over great topics.  I took John Holschen’s class that focused on target transitions,  Larry Lindenman’s Women’s Self-Defense hand to hand techniques, Tatianna Whitlocks’ 4 hr seminar on Women’s Holsters and William April’s Violent Criminal Actors seminar which was captivating.

The classes were taught in large mess tents. The ‘social’ tent where we ate lunch was the only place where they brought in heaters. It felt good.

#taccon2018  #aprillconsulting #tatiannawhitlok

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My TWAW Chapter Leader, Bonnie, gave me a certificate for a free 3-Day Ladies Pistol course at Gunsite since she couldn’t take the time off work to go. I couldn’t turn it down!  My trip started on Oct 22 when I landed in Phoenix and rented a car to drive up to my hotel in Chino Valley, AZ. Traffic wasn’t bad at all and it was nice to see the Sun again. It was also nice to see a drastic change in environment – PNW to cacti.  The course took place from Oct 23-25 and there were only six of us in the class. Turns out it was a bonus for us because we got to do additional drills and shoot more ammo. I shot up in the 750-800 round range.  The course covered the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing from a holster, turning then drawing, moving and target acquisition, shooting at multiple active targets, shoot house, the dunga, and then shooting at steel. My first day and a half my shots sucked. I was doing my best to shoot Weaver when I’m more familiar with Isosceles. I have shot Weaver before but rarely. By the end of Day 2 and Day 3, I was dialed in. I noticed under time pressure, I automatically went back to Isosceles.  One of the women in my group was Cece Cox of the TWAW Sacremento Chapter. It was nice to meet her and talk a bit about how our two Chapters run.  On Day 3 we had two qualifiers:

Active targets

*I’m going off my memory so feel free to correct me

3 yards – one shot to the head / one shot to the head / two to the upper chest 1.5 seconds

7 yards – two to the upper chest / repeat  2 seconds

10 yards – two to the upper chest/ repeat  3 seconds

2 x 2 Speed Reload

Shoot 2 – SR – Shoot 2

I got all my hits in. Yay!

This was my last shooting course for the year. My instructors were Gary Smith and Jerrod Baugh. Both were very patient with us and were very “on” to be on top of safety issues. Since I did so well in the qualifiers, I was awarded their Raven pin.  That means a lot to me. I always strive to improve my skills and it’s always a challenge – working hard to be better. It’s awesome to do well.


What’s next?…….. Tactical Conference in March and TWAW 5th Anniversary Conference in October. And I hope to get in more training courses squeezed in.



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The Well Armed Woman Leaders Conference 2017

I just got back from attending a weeks worth of fun at The Well Armed Woman Leaders Conference 2017 in Provo, Utah.  I bought my plane tickets as soon as it was announced. I later learned that it’s better to wait, as there are pre and post courses you can register for beside the 3 days of the conference.

TWAW 2017The week started off with a TWAW Instructor Certification course. It focused on how women learn differently than men and how we can be better instructors to both.  Then the fabulous RANGE DAY!! So much fun! I started with the Ruger Precision Rifle/ 6mm Creedmor. That was followed by a ‘how to run a firing line’ presented by Beth Alcazar of USCCA. Third up was shooting the Blazer F-16 with Fiocchi Trainer Exacta Target Loads. Finished up with LWRCI rifles 🙂  They built one especially for TWAW members at a great price.

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Keynote speaker was Kimberly Corban and she told her horrific attack and how she is now a survivor.  She advocates for a woman’s ability to be her own self-protector.

Lt Col Grossman did a two-hour presentation on why we choose to be sheepdogs. He offered great messages.

Glen Stilson of Independence Training helped out with Kristy Titus on Range Day at the Ruger Precision rifle course. He also gave a two-hour presentation on IFAK.

Gabby Franco and Antonia Okafor gave a presentation on diversity and how we can best serve others from different backgrounds and cultures.

There were a bunch of other educational slots like UTM, NSSF, UTAH CFP, CRSO course, and more!

We had guests attend our evening dinners/awards such as Susan LaPierre and her husband Wayne. Cam Edwards of The NRA News Cam & Co. Dana Loesch gave a speech on our 2A rights and we had Morgan Hills sing the national anthem and provide for some evening entertainment.

The week was packed full; late nights and early mornings. Looking forward to next year’s conference in Branson, MO.



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