Update on USCCA Women’s Program

This past December I launched the USCCA Women’s Program at Norpoint Shooting Center and it has been highly successful. There are a few things that have come up that have to be made clear. This is an adult class -18 yrs and older.

We will provide what you need for Level 1. For Level 2, you can bring your own firearm and gear if you have it. If you don’t have a firearm yet, we have a few training guns that we can lend out. For Level 3, we expect you to have your own gun and gear.

I offer an online class for anyone on Shopping Tips for Buying or Renting a Gun. It’s an hour long with a bunch of great information you need to learn how to fit a gun to your hand and what Action Type would work best for you. I offer online classes once a month.

Level 1 is open to 30 students while Level 2 & Level 3 are exclusive and only open to 12 students.

Experience Level for Level 2:

No formal experience to intermediate skill levels are welcome! The class is designed for mature students ages 18 and up. Women who are pregnant or nursing may not participate in live-fire training, due to risks from potential lead exposure and loud noise. If you have any particular physical or psychological condition that causes you to be acutely sensitive to firearms, or if you have difficulty in group learning environments, please email us in advance to determine your suitability for the class. General curiosity, unfamiliarity, or nervousness around firearms is perfectly natural and this class is well suited for those people. Unfortunately, some people may have conditions that are unique, such as PTSD, learning disabilities, or physical limitations that make handling firearms in a group setting inappropriate, and we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

This is an adult level course. Students must be 18 years of age or older, free of criminal background, and legally able to own or be in possession of handguns. Students must sign a statement confirming that they can legally possess guns before participating in the class. The student must complete the 3 hour classroom session before going to the range for the live-fire training.


Experience Level for Level 3: 

NOTE: This is not a beginner’s class. This class assumes that you have committed the Universal Rules of Firearms Safety to memory, and are able to safely function with your firearm in a group setting. Many people have had many years of informal experience with firearms that may be adequate for their daily interactions with firearms, but unless you have had formal training, it is likely that such a person may inadvertently do something unsafe in a group instructional setting, and thus we do not recommend this class unless you have had formal training, preferably, the USCCA Women’s Only Level 1 and 2 courses.

Students should have taken the USCCA Level 2 class and be proficient with basic handgun skill sets. Students should be familiar and comfortable with their firearm, including how it functions, safe administrative handling, muzzle discipline, and how to operate all the controls as well as how to clear malfunctions.


Safety is paramount.  Practice what you learn in your classes and you may wish to get a private lesson or more to help you with your confidence and competence.

Classes will be offered once a month. I will be traveling from Idaho to teach, which means that the classes have to be full to make the class a go before I travel back to Norpoint.



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