My weight struggle…..

I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life. I’ve done many different diet programs – reached goal and then gained it all back due to lack of education on how to maintain, emotional eating and simply being complacent.  My clothes were getting tight and uncomfortable and I was getting to the point of not wanting to go out and be seen. I couldn’t believe I let myself go …..again… that left picture I was in denial until I saw it. In between my weight gains… I would be going to the gym and work out each day. I joined BodyRock and did HIIT with a weighted vest. I did a Spartan Sprint in 2016. I actually, enjoy working out. Some of my body parts are affecting my workouts though, Achilles tendonitis and most recently, herniated disk. So working out has been non-existent for a while now.

June 2018….was rough. On May 23, our girl Isabella had a huge seizure and wasn’t right afterward. bella - CopyOn June 4 her cancer took hold and June 5 went sent her off to be at peace.

The following day, I found an ad on Facebook for something about weight loss called Code Red Lifestyle. I joined the June 11th – 10lb Take Down Challenge. In a month, I had lost 10lbs! Since then, I joined up for a custom program and working on getting to my goal weight for mid-October. Since June 11th, I’ve lost a total of 25lbs.

They offer lost of support, accountability and tons of education.

Want to learn a little more about Code Red? Check out Cristy Code Red’s Youtube Channel – Cristy Code Red

The next 10lb Take Down Challenge is in 17 days…. Sept 10th. It’s worth it if you want to take your health back. I’d be glad to answer any questions. Here’s a link to register: Sept 10lb Take Down Challenge

You eat real food, drink water and get 8hrs of sleep.  No processed foods or sugar. It might be a leap of faith and you might go into detox but it’s all worth it.

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