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My TWAW Chapter Leader, Bonnie, gave me a certificate for a free 3-Day Ladies Pistol course at Gunsite since she couldn’t take the time off work to go. I couldn’t turn it down!  My trip started on Oct 22 when I landed in Phoenix and rented a car to drive up to my hotel in Chino Valley, AZ. Traffic wasn’t bad at all and it was nice to see the Sun again. It was also nice to see a drastic change in environment – PNW to cacti.  The course took place from Oct 23-25 and there were only six of us in the class. Turns out it was a bonus for us because we got to do additional drills and shoot more ammo. I shot up in the 750-800 round range.  The course covered the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing from a holster, turning then drawing, moving and target acquisition, shooting at multiple active targets, shoot house, the dunga, and then shooting at steel. My first day and a half my shots sucked. I was doing my best to shoot Weaver when I’m more familiar with Isosceles. I have shot Weaver before but rarely. By the end of Day 2 and Day 3, I was dialed in. I noticed under time pressure, I automatically went back to Isosceles.  One of the women in my group was Cece Cox of the TWAW Sacremento Chapter. It was nice to meet her and talk a bit about how our two Chapters run.  On Day 3 we had two qualifiers:

Active targets

*I’m going off my memory so feel free to correct me

3 yards – one shot to the head / one shot to the head / two to the upper chest 1.5 seconds

7 yards – two to the upper chest / repeat  2 seconds

10 yards – two to the upper chest/ repeat  3 seconds

2 x 2 Speed Reload

Shoot 2 – SR – Shoot 2

I got all my hits in. Yay!

This was my last shooting course for the year. My instructors were Gary Smith and Jerrod Baugh. Both were very patient with us and were very “on” to be on top of safety issues. Since I did so well in the qualifiers, I was awarded their Raven pin.  That means a lot to me. I always strive to improve my skills and it’s always a challenge – working hard to be better. It’s awesome to do well.


What’s next?…….. Tactical Conference in March and TWAW 5th Anniversary Conference in October. And I hope to get in more training courses squeezed in.




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