The Well Armed Woman Leaders Conference 2017

I just got back from attending a weeks worth of fun at The Well Armed Woman Leaders Conference 2017 in Provo, Utah.  I bought my plane tickets as soon as it was announced. I later learned that it’s better to wait, as there are pre and post courses you can register for beside the 3 days of the conference.

TWAW 2017The week started off with a TWAW Instructor Certification course. It focused on how women learn differently than men and how we can be better instructors to both.  Then the fabulous RANGE DAY!! So much fun! I started with the Ruger Precision Rifle/ 6mm Creedmor. That was followed by a ‘how to run a firing line’ presented by Beth Alcazar of USCCA. Third up was shooting the Blazer F-16 with Fiocchi Trainer Exacta Target Loads. Finished up with LWRCI rifles 🙂  They built one especially for TWAW members at a great price.

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Keynote speaker was Kimberly Corban and she told her horrific attack and how she is now a survivor.  She advocates for a woman’s ability to be her own self-protector.

Lt Col Grossman did a two-hour presentation on why we choose to be sheepdogs. He offered great messages.

Glen Stilson of Independence Training helped out with Kristy Titus on Range Day at the Ruger Precision rifle course. He also gave a two-hour presentation on IFAK.

Gabby Franco and Antonia Okafor gave a presentation on diversity and how we can best serve others from different backgrounds and cultures.

There were a bunch of other educational slots like UTM, NSSF, UTAH CFP, CRSO course, and more!

We had guests attend our evening dinners/awards such as Susan LaPierre and her husband Wayne. Cam Edwards of The NRA News Cam & Co. Dana Loesch gave a speech on our 2A rights and we had Morgan Hills sing the national anthem and provide for some evening entertainment.

The week was packed full; late nights and early mornings. Looking forward to next year’s conference in Branson, MO.




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